WUA Xplained #1: The Digital Experience Dashboard and our related Services

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With the launch of our Digital Experience Dashboard for sales and service in summer 2019, a constant pace of development and innovation started. Together with our clients and market experts, our research, sales, and data teams have been improving, testing, and rolling out new features and versions.

The Digital Experience Dashboard, now in version 5.33 (check out this product update), also changed and improved our way of working and how we get the most out of the partnerships with our international clients big time! In this blog post, we’ll share some details of that new approach.


1. It all starts with data…

In the past, we’ve created 100+ paged consultancy PowerPoint reports on how to improve the online customer experience for our clients, on request. Management summaries, recommendations on Look&Feel, Product Offer and Brand, Findability, it was all there. We still deliver these types of reports, but we switched the starting point of our services with a “data-first” approach: each study, be it Mortgage, Energy, or Car Insurance, will be delivered in our Digital Experience Dashboard, and our consultancy services come on top of that.

Making our Dashboard a starting point of our deliverables, allows us to better tap into our client’s needs, aligning budgets and available resources better than ever, together. Do you have a big, mature team of born-ready data-analysts and CRO-pro’s? Go for data-only and do the analysis yourself. No time, a lot on your mind, and running tons of campaigns that need your attention? Our research consultants will help out.

2. Diversification in Services: From onboarding to pre-paid consultancy and Best Practices

With our Digital Experience Dashboard as a starting point of our deliverables, we offer the following services to help our clients get the most out of the data and their WUA products and partnership. Let’s take a closer look. These are the available services that come on top of the data in our Digital Experience Dashboard:

1 – Onboarding workshop
Learn from our senior research consultants how your team can analyze results.

2 – Deepdive
Extensive full expert analysis and tailored report of your funnel and your market’s competitors.

3 – Focused Deepdive
WUA zooms in on 1 of several challenges or priorities and we analyze the problem-specific pain points from the research.

4 – Consultancy
Expert analysis by our senior digital research consultants delivered to you at an hourly rate.

5 – Best Practices
Key Best Practices from the best in your industry, and the best-in-class websites worldwide.

6 – Boost
Directed orientation: Add an extra n=200 on desktop & smartphone to your dataset.

3. Monitors & Yearly subscriptions per industry

The data per customer journey measurement that is presented to our clients in the Digital Experience Dashboard, is served in the WUA Platform in which we publish the data directly after the fieldwork is closed and the data checks are done.

The WUA Digital CX Platform plays a big part in another shift in our way of working that the launch of the Dashboard and our Services started: more clients than ever are annually “subscribing” to all the relevant customer journeys in their specific industry. It means, for example, that Bank X or Y, purchased all the finance studies WUA performs in 2020, from Personal Loan to Current Account, from Credit Card to Savings Account and Mortgage.

A lot of our clients have organized their multidisciplinary agile teams around their respective customer journeys. This year, we’ve seen that the questions and demands for our services vary per team: we’re thrilled we are able to fit their needs with our services better than ever before.

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