Lead the way in Insurance

Stay one step ahead of the competition with continuous strategic insights and increase your market share in the insurance industry.


Know exactly what motivates your customer

Get the inside scoop on their needs when the customer decides to take out an insurance policy – and why they choose a competitor instead of you. Get in-depth and qualitative research about consumer needs and the triggers that lead to a buying decision.


Get ahead of your competitors

Serve your customers better than the competition can. WUA empowers you with clear insights and priorities, keeping your teams aligned and on track to outsmart the competition at every step. Use our clear KPIs and focus resources on only the priorities with the greatest impact.


Stop making blind assumptions

Your tailored dashboard will give you an edge you never had before. Know exactly what your customer wants – and why. Retain your customers with a digital customer experience that measurably fulfills their needs. Make sure they can always find the financial product or service they’re looking for – easily.


Don't just take it from us.


"We believe it’s essential to have every task surprisingly easy and also human-centric. And we saw that this was not the case on one of our main tasks: to add an insured person. We used the WUA insights to make a better version of this task, and we saw an increase from 68 to 75 points in the digital Service Score, which we are very proud of."

Jeroen Görtzen Chapter Lead Digital at VGZ
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"Great that the efforts of so many CZ colleagues on value and functionality create value! Striking thing to see in the WUA benchmarks over the years is that customers are making higher demands. It goes without saying that at CZ we grow along with this trend. We will continue to act sharply on multichannel customer journeys and cherish our IT, UX and CX specialists."

Nils Vergeer Strategist Digital Experience at CZ

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