Experience Deep Dive

Discover the roadmap to the very best website in your market

Deepen, discover and improve. Find out why visitors choose you or your competitors, learn which best practices really work and create an unbeatable customer experience.


Dive into the details that make the difference

The Experience Deep Dive is a follow-up to the Digital Market Tracker and takes a thorough snapshot of your website and those of three competitors. 200 customer journeys expose all weaknesses and strengths. You will receive crucial insights and personal recommendations on seven crucial dimensions to surpass the competition.


Answer the bigger questions:

Without answers to these questions, you play the online game blindfolded.

  • We invest heavily in our online presence every year. How exactly do we stand?

  • Why doesn't the customer choose us? Do we need a new strategy to stand out from the competition?

  • What can we do to match or even outperform our direct competitor next quarter?

Snapshot of 200 customer journeys

During the Experience Deep Dive, 200 consumers compare your website with those of the three main competitors. This gives you insight into the choices and considerations of potential customers, and you learn what competitors do better. This gives you a clear SWOT analysis of your online presence.


Valuable insights from an ocean of data

Our machine learning algorithms and AI analysis on sentiment and impact transform large amounts of research data into reliable and actionable insights. Incisive researchers highlight the weaknesses and strengths of each party studied and provide personal recommendations. Everything is displayed clearly and concisely in a personal dashboard.


From insight to impact

Distinguish main issues from side issues. The Experience Deep Dive makes your e-commerce data driven and results oriented. Focus on the essential improvement points that will significantly improve the customer experience and outperform the competition.


The market does not stand still – and neither does the competition

The Experience Deep Dive is linked as a service to the Digital Market Tracker, which allows you to closely follow market developments. Throughout the year, we analyze 1,600 customer journeys that provide a complete picture of KPIs, competitors and market developments.


For top managers

Base decisions on data and drive for impact. Understand your market position, see through the competition and conquer the market.

For e-commerce managers

Convert ambitious goals into measurable results. Set practical priorities that help teams achieve their goals and develop effective strategies.

For marketers

Make more impact on conversion and customer satisfaction every day. With detailed feedback on seven crucial topics, market best practices and personal recommendations.

Grow faster than the market

  • Gain a profound understanding of the key investments driving significant growth in your online sales.
  • Attain a comprehensive overview of the dynamic digital landscape, enabling early detection of potential threats.
  • Assess customer conversion rates with precision and measure your performance against competitors effectively.
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Frequently Asked Questions

This type of research is called a customer experience benchmark. We use this to compare and benchmark the customer experience between different parties. This means it goes much further than a customer experience study, which only looks at one specific party. Read more about this difference in this article.

The Digital Market Tracker follows all market developments and gives you a complete view of the market. The Experience Deep Dive literally goes into depth on all essential facets that shape the online customer journey. This will teach you exactly what needs to be done to become and remain a leader.

For the Experience Deep Dive we use our own CX Deep Dive Model. This model focuses on seven essential topics: appearance, brand perception, price perception, product offering, scannability, navigation and technical functioning.

200 respondents is more than sufficient for a representative survey in most markets. Three competitors also provide enough insights to learn from and then optimize. Where necessary, we can involve more respondents and investigate more competitors.

This service is only available as an upgrade on the Digital Market Tracker. A one-time purchase of this service starts from € 12,000.

We only offer the Experience Deep Dive as an additional service to customers of the Digital Market Tracker. Together from a monthly amount of € 2,500.

Want to thoroughly investigate your website experience?