Digital Market Tracker

Monitor the market. Make your move.

Track, compare and overtake. Understand the entire e-commerce field and respond skillfully to developments and opportunities.


Track your market and stay ahead

The Digital Market Tracker follows your online market with 1600 customer journeys throughout the year. Every player, KPI and trend in the market is clearly mapped out. You know exactly what is going on and what needs to be done to catch up with the competition.


Answer the bigger questions:

Without answers to these questions, you play the online game blindfolded.

  • Where exactly are we positioned in the market? How do competitors move? Who's got the momentum?

  • What risks do we run in the market? Which newcomers or disrupters are currently making waves?

  • Which players can we acquire to grow further? What are customers missing in the market?

Measure your online market continuously

Every quarter, 400 potential customers search for your specific product. They visit four websites of their own choosing. We continuously process their experiences, considerations and choices into strategic insights.


Follow developments closely

We analyze the measured customer experiences and deliver practical insights into NPS, market share, conversion and performance. The clear dashboard offers all kinds of inputs to zoom in, such as whether or not a customer, channel preferences and segmentation by demographics.


Beat your competitors. Every day.

Translate market insights into smart improvements and daily activities. Know what needs to be done to attract customers and leave the competition behind. Make strategic decisions based on solid data. Control the online game.


Discover how top brands are applying our insights:

From monitoring to deepening

The Digital Market Tracker offers a continuous finger on the pulse of the market. You keep a close eye on performance, competitors and developments.

However, for a major improvement, you want to go into depth and identify all crucial dimensions. For this purpose there is the Experience Deep Dive, a powerful snapshot that allows you to set the course and accelerate in one go.


For top managers

You have a crystal clear picture of the market and your own market position at any time. You can effectively adjust the organization’s course based on impact in the market.

For e-commerce managers

The market is developing rapidly. With the Digital Market Tracker, you have all the insights and best practices available to move faster than the competition.

For marketers

Every day is a battle for the customer. You know exactly what needs to be done to win. This way you continuously optimize for findability, conversion and customer satisfaction.

Grow faster than the market

  • Gain a profound understanding of the key investments driving significant growth in your online sales.
  • Attain a comprehensive overview of the dynamic digital landscape, enabling early detection of potential threats.
  • Assess customer conversion rates with precision and measure your performance against competitors effectively.
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Frequently Asked Questions

This type of research is called a customer experience benchmark. We use this to compare and benchmark the customer experience between different parties. This means it goes much further than a customer experience study, which only looks at one specific party. Read more about this difference in this article.

You can purchase the Digital Market Tracker in combination with the Experience Deepdive as an annual subscription with a starting price of € 30,000. More information can be found on the pricing page.

We only offer the Experience Deep Dive as an additional service to customers of the Digital Market Tracker. Together from a monthly amount of € 2,500.

We use our own Digital Tracker Model for the Digital Market Tracker. We use this to monitor developments in online market share, findability, conversion and NPS.