Product Update: Compare Countries & Journeys

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We want to show you the newest feature of our digital experience platform, which is the option to compare your digital sales and customer experience performance between countries and journeys.



This feature will become visible to you if you’ve benchmarked more than one sales journey, a sales journey in more than one country, or both.

Visual upgrade to your Home Screen 

First things first, you might have noticed that the platform has received a visual upgrade. And to help you navigate even quicker, we have placed your latest dashboards at the top of the home page. Moreover, you can easily invite new team members to the platform, see your recently benchmarked journeys, and access any of your recent files.

Journeys or countries

Now, let’s see what you can do with the new dashboard. When you enter this dashboard, you get the option to choose between comparing journeys and comparing countries. 

Compare journeys

Taking the example of ING, we can see how well their journeys perform in their markets, looking at findability and conversion of the benchmark studies. Let’s say that we are a bit more focused, and we want to look at the journeys of investment banking, mortgage, and personal loan. If you select these three journeys, we can see immediate differences. For example, we can see that the findability differs between these three journeys. Interesting insight.

Also, we can see the average sales performance of the selected journeys, the average position in the ranking compared to competitors, and the average score. The same applies to the average CX performance. If you want to know how these scores come about, we can view the performance per journey and see the specific scores on the different journeys we selected on the left-hand side.

Now, suppose you want to know how well we do compared to the competition on these journeys we can easily select, for example, Rabobank, and then see, for the same journeys, how well they do on the different metrics of viability and conversion. And how well we do, and how that is plotted in the graph. Then we can make an easy comparison between journeys, between competitors.

Compare Countries

We can also look at this from the perspective of countries. We see the average performance of these journeys that we selected for ING, in the specific countries that they were benchmarked in. And we can see how many journeys this score was based on. 

Of course, if we now select Rabobank again, we can see how well we do compared to them in the countries they were active in for the journeys we selected. And if we want to get an overarching insight, we can also choose “average”, above the bubble chart.

As you can imagine, this new kind of view gives you a lot of new insight into how well you perform, related to your journeys, the competition, and the specific countries you are interested in. And therefore, it shows you whether you are on the right track to start winning from your competitors and become the number one in your market.

We wish you a lot of fun with the update. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate and contact us.

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