Product Update: Demographic filters & starting screen

We want to show you more about the newest features that we have added to our digital experience dashboard in December 2021: the multi-country selection and the demographic filters.



Data selection screen

We have given the data selection screen a visual and technical makeover, making it extremely easy to select the customer journey you want to analyze. Moreover, when your organization is active in multiple countries, you can now easily select the country to see the data of research there.

digital experience dashboard selection screen

Advanced filters

Maybe even more exciting, we have added the advanced filters. With these advanced filters, you can make new dissections in the data by gender, age group, and education level on top of the filters already in the dashboard.

Digital Experience Dashboard new advanced filters


You can still select users who own or do not own the product of the customer journey you’re looking into and visitors who are or are not customers of the website they visited and evaluated.

These filters help you optimize your customer journey even better for the target group you’re looking into, and in the end, optimize your conversion and become or remain the best in the market.

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