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A 2% conversion rate sounds OK. But a 2% conversion rate means you’re losing 98% of the time.

Of course, you can’t capture every single customer. But you can beat the competition by staying at the top of your game and optimizing every step that leads towards that moment when a lead becomes a satisfied customer.

Conversion is the ultimate goal; it’s like that moment in football when the ball hits the back of the net. Before you can successfully claim a customer, they have to pass through several stages in their journey.

There’s a lot of teamwork involved; each step in the journey and role in your team needs to be perfectly executed. Just a small misstep, and the opposing team can steal the customer from under your nose.

Guided by Thousands of Customer Experiences

Optimizing your conversion takes much more than just looking at your own website metrics. You need to know the exact moments when customers choose a competitor instead of you – and why they make this choice.

That massive 98% share of lost customers can be reclaimed – if you know how.

At WUA, we’re known as the experts in benchmarking the best customer experiences for every journey.
We’re here to help you win.

The 4 steps leading to successful conversion

You can’t be complacent about your conversion rate. The competition is always seeking to push ahead, and if you’re not out in front, then you’re losing.

Conversion optimization is the clear path to staying in pole position.

There are four clear steps to successful conversion:

  • Look – visual appearance. Everything from branding to navigation.
  • Feel – the emotional impact of the site.
  • Offer – relevant offers that match customer needs.
  • Flow – a smooth process that leads the customer to a successful outcome.

To stay at the top of your industry, your conversion needs to be continuously optimized using these four steps and by analyzing shifts in customer sentiment and expectations.

What’s turning your customers away?

They can’t help it, but your customers have a wandering eye. They shop around. That means they’re comparing you to your competition every time they visit.

To win their custom, you need to know how you measure up – especially in these key areas:

  • Load time – Does your website load quicker than the competition? If not, they might switch to another tab and find a deal with a competitor.
  • Knowledgeable – The customer needs to know that you’re an expert in your field. Your website needs to show that you’re knowledgeable, but without overwhelming them.
  • Finding all the right info – Each customer has their own specific goal. As well as displaying your knowledge, your website must guide them to the right information within a few clicks. If vital details are missing, they can easily click away again. That’s a lost opportunity.

Gain a new vision

At WUA, we’re known for our Customer Experience Benchmarks, which rank the best website experiences for every possible industry and customer journey.

Benchmarking goes a long way towards understanding your position in the market. You can see how your competitors measure up to you, and to each other. These can provide surprising insights – your biggest competitor may not be who you think.

In the German Headphone Market is losing most potential buyers to

Using hundreds of real customer experiences, our platform can take you to the next level. With the Customer Experience Dashboard, you can dive into the details for each website. You gain a new vision into what’s working and what’s not: for your own website, and your competitors too.

We analyze these experiences for both stages of the customer journey leading to conversion – First Impression, and Further Look.

At a glance, you gain an instant overview of current performance, based on 5 key themes:

  • Appearance
  • Brand
  • Information and navigation
  • Order process – checkout optimization
  • Product offer

Each of these can have a massive impact on your conversion rate. For example, did you know that the average cart abandonment rate is around 70%? Research shows that conversion rate can be boosted by 35.3%, just by improving checkout design. That’s just one element to consider. Imagine what you could do with specific recommendations for all 5 of these themes.

Diving into the details

At each stage in the journey, you can dive into the details of what’s working and what’s not. You can look at open answers from participants, and discover exactly why shopping carts are abandoned or what attracts customers to a competitor instead of you.

Dive into qualitative data: what do customers like about the ordering process at

The granular details are laid out in plain view, and you can filter individual responses by website, phase, and sentiment.

With these insights, you know where you stand today, and what’s needed to win tomorrow.

Detailed Insights, Clear Improvements

Once you have a better view of your performance, you can start to make targeted improvements. Benchmarking and the Digital Experience Dashboard can give you detailed insights and clear priorities, but these are more successful when part of an integrated strategy.

WUA’s researchers have a great deal of experience in interpreting the results of our Benchmark studies, and turning these into a solid plan of action. Jump-start your new customer experience with our expertise and knowledge.

Take the next step, and convert your new vision into a cohesive, winning strategy for long-term success.
WUA offers a made-to-fit consultancy service that includes a deep analysis of your industry benchmark, as well as well-defined tactics that will keep you at the top of your game.

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