Align your Teams: How Benchmarking Optimizes Different Roles

Your company is a well-oiled machine, with each part working to the maximum potential.

Every role has their own area of expertise: helping the customer with timely information, relevant deals, or creating products that match their needs. All parts must stay working together perfectly to deliver the best experiences to the customer.

Continuous alignment is the goal here. However, over time these roles can start operating out of sync with the rest of the company.

Worse yet – they become out of sync with what the customer wants.

To keep running at peak performance, your teams need to ensure they’re working together perfectly to meet the shared objective: meeting the needs of the customer.

Time for a Tune-up?

We can think of this realignment process like an F1 car pulling into a pit stop during a race; to run at the maximum potential you need to know what needs done, and make the changes quickly so you can get straight back to what you do best.

Your teams must work as efficiently as an F1 pit stop crew; each with a defined role and a clear objective. Each needs to know what it must do, how to do it, and when.
This is when Benchmarking comes in.

WUA has become known as the experts in Customer Experience Benchmarking. Our studies help numerous companies identify where they stand against the competition and give clear indications of improvements with the most impact.

What is Benchmarking?

WUA’s Benchmarking is much more than a ‘top ten’ list; it embodies the real experiences of hundreds of real customers and identifies how each component in the customer experience is performing.

These insights can inform targeted improvements for each role in your team.

Because each stage in the customer journey is evaluated for every website they visit, you get insights about your own performance and how it measures against the competition. Not just for the whole experience – but every part of it.

Expert-designed open questions are also included, so you can zoom-in on individual experiences and understand qualitative data that cannot be gained any other way.
Together, these help you unlock the secrets of a winning customer experience and see what’s missing.

What can Benchmarking tell you?

Your sales process is only as good as its weakest link, and with Benchmarking this cannot be clearer.

As every part of the whole experience is evaluated, these can be easily compared and ranked.
Each role can gain a clear picture of how their area affects the whole experience and how well it’s performing.

When Benchmarking is applied to each individual element of the journey, you gain immediate insights about what you need to do to improve at each stage.

Then, you’re on the path to the best experience in your industry.

How Benchmarking Aligns Teams

Every role makes a difference in achieving a successful outcome. Using data-derived insights, each role can set their sights on targets that matter.

Subjective self-perceptions about performance can be swept away, and teams become motivated by clear goals and measurable outcomes. It’s not a case of ‘the marketing department isn’t doing well enough’, but instead they get specific instructions that lead to success.

With the detailed results available from WUA’s unique Benchmarking methodology, you can see exactly what is working too – helping you to preserve and promote winning tactics for every department.

How Benchmarking can Align and Optimize Individual Roles

Almost every role in your organization can be given a clear manifest of what’s needed to drive greater success.

Online Marketing

Marketing content can be tailored to match the customer needs, and detailed answers can help guide marketing efforts by determining which approaches are going to be most successful. By showing your knowledge and expertise, you can make sure that your customer sees you as a leading figure in the industry.


Customers need the right information to make confident decisions. Arm your sales team with ready answers to their questions, using insights about what they want to know at each stage of the journey. The whole sales process can be adjusted and fine-tuned based on detailed feedback.

Product Manager

Better products mean better outcomes. Your product manager can use customer experience data to highlight what features are in demand today and anticipate what they need tomorrow. With a clear understanding of what they want, you can change your proposition to offer a better match for the customer.

In addition, you can create intelligently segmented products that address different customer groups.

With Benchmarking, you can develop better products from the beginning, and modify existing ones so they increasingly match expectations, needs and desires.

Website Design

Website metrics don’t tell you a lot. Relying on metrics alone is like driving a car by only looking at the fuel gauge. With WUA’s Benchmarking you see exactly what the customer thinks and how they experience your website.

You can make targeted improvements that streamline checkout processes, improve the look, or design navigation that offers the highest level of online experience.

Alignment Requires Strategy

Interpreting the data from WUA’s Benchmarking studies has been made easy with WUA’s platform. You get access to the big picture and the granular details with a few clicks.

However, your processes may be complex and organizational change can be hard.

As the experts in Customer Experience, WUA can provide strategic advice and consultancy services to clients. This service can help kick-start your new culture of continuous improvement, and get you on the path to success even faster.
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