Welcome To WUA – Noortje van Veen

After her marketing internship at WUA in the first half of this year, Noortje van Veen joined the WUA Usability team as a Junior Usability Researcher in summer 2020. In this interview we get to know this ambitious student from Utrecht a little bit better.

Hi Noortje! How did you come across WUA and what will you be working on?

“I visited the WUA office for the first time with the Honours program of my study, Commercial Economics in Utrecht. When I felt the good office vibe, I linked with some people at WUA on LinkedIn to stay connected. So, when I had to find an internship, I contacted WUA again and after some great chats, a team lunch and some drinks I got in! After my internship, I was asked to stay and well…. here I am. I’m now a junior usability researcher, so I help out the senior researchers with everything usability.”

You’re with us for a couple of months now: what do you like most about working at WUA?

“WUA’s chill vibe and the chill people was something I remembered the most. I’ve never seen that before in other companies! I really like the people and the nice work environment. The vibe can be serious when necessary, but it can also be really fun.”

We also added some “fun” questions for this interview: How does your top 3 bucket list look like?

“I think I only have two things on my bucket list though. One: I’m studying Korean for a while now, so one day I really hope to go there and see how well I can manage myself. Second: back in high school I used to perform a lot with the school band, I play guitar. I would really like to make music with others again, so maybe be in a band or perform for crowds again. That’s a bit more unrealistic than the first one I guess, but maybe the day will come.”

Do you have a life motto that you live up to?

“Yes, I did think of one recently. I only want to spend energy on things and people that give me energy. It sounds a bit cheesy, but if you have to make a difficult decision between something that takes a lot of energy and something that gives you energy: definately go for the last one!
“Most of the time you think you have to do something. If you look at it from a different perspective, you don’t really HAVE to. It’s only because other people tell you so. I think it’s good to realize that, even when you don’t see it directly, you DO have a choice. Always.”

And now for something completely different. Have you ever had an idea that made you think: this is a really good business idea?

“Some time ago, I had coffee with a friend. We talked about starting a rubber duck company where the customers can customize their own ideal rubber duck. Does that make sense?”

What do you think sets you apart from others?

“I think if you compare me to other people of my age, I’m the one who not only comes up with great ideas, but actually manages to get them done.”

Your favorite place in the world, where is that?

“When I was eight, I went to Australia. My uncle lives there. He lives in a little town called Wedderburn, somewhat close to Melbourne, but still in the middle of nowhere. When I woke up there, I remember looking into his garden with the sun rising on the horizon and kangaroos on the background. A bit dreamy I guess, but that’s where I want to go again if I could choose anything.”

WUA’s culture motto is ‘Living Dreams’. What dreams do you want to live?

“Well, speaking of Australia; I really want to go back there. Maybe do some backpacking with my sister and combining it with work. Another ‘dream’ of mine is just finishing my study and getting a good job.”

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