Car-Insurance_Germany_Background-article_2, and highest in Brand Perception thanks to consumer-centered communication

In WUA’s car insurance study in November 2018, 600 consumers were asked to orient themselves on a car insurance policy. In this study, the highest Customer Experience Score was set by offers the best brand perception in the First Impression (on smartphone) whereas is better in this area in the Further Look on desktop. This is what you can learn from these websites. scores highest on smartphone during First Impression thanks to its first-person narrative from user’s perspective

Upon starting the data entry process on, customers are immediately greeted personally: “your car insurance – optimal protection for your car”. This makes for an inviting start to the process. For each bit of information needed, a question is asked, directed at the user. Sometimes, answer options are in first person from the user’s perspective, creating an even stronger feeling of having an actual dialogue. Instead of radio buttons, large labeled buttons are used, which make it easier to click – especially on smartphone – and clicking them immediately gives the user information on the different options. Of course, this does take up more space on a smartphone., winner on smartphone, directs information towards consumer to start a dialogue

Each topic is clearly separated through the use of smart headers (one small & one large) and images. This makes the information more easily digestible for the customer. constantly directs its information towards the consumer, to start a dialogue. The site asks the customer direct questions (“Wie wollen Sie sich versichern?”- How do you want to insure yourself?) or poses them as if the customer is asking the questions himself (“steuerlich absetzen: Geht das?” – Settle for tax purposes: Is that possible?). The text on the website also highlights the customer’s needs and shows that puts the customer first (“für Sie zusammengefasst” – summarized for you, “Tipps – Tips, wie Ihre KFZ…- Like your car insurance..”). scores highest on desktop and is best in gaining trust and managing the expectation of receiving a good service

Upon landing on the page, the customer is always greeted with “available to you around the clock”. It addresses the customer directly, and the text written is a more informal font, which gives the website a more personal feel. While the large banner with the greeting isn’t locked to the top when scrolling down, the message is repeated at the bottom just above the contact options. The company directs the consumer by saying our online branch is available for you 24 hours a day (Unsere Online-Filiale ist 24 Stunden für Sie verfügbar). This way, the customer has complete freedom of choice and can choose whichever time suits him or her best. The site even includes an innovative “co-browsing” option, with live screen sharing. This means the consumer shares their screen with a consultant who can, in turn, guide the consumer through the website and answer questions that come up during that process.

During the data entry, personal messages (with a face) appear, addressing the customer to offer reassurance.


Brand perception highest for brands that direct their communication to the orienting consumer

What,, and have in common is the way they address the consumer. All communication on the website is appealing because it is centered around the needs of consumers. They are different in their approach, though: has a more direct approach, asking questions to draw consumer into a conversation; makes the experience on its website more personal by using messages such as: “your car insurance – optimal protection for your car”. is available around the clock, a message the company displays clearly throughout the website. By putting themselves at the service of the consumer, all brands rank high in trust as well as on the expectation of receiving a good service.

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