State Farm: offers the same products as other insurers, yet is distinctive in the eyes of consumers

Last year State Farm was deemed “Simple” yet “Informative”, “Quick” and “Easy to navigate”. The website makes a good impression by showing exactly what it is that State Farm does. The homepage immediately shows State Farm’s intention: to protect people and their property.

Here to help, now and in the future

State Farm indicates they are here to help. This is clearly visible in the images used on the website. The website shows an image of a man, his house that burned down, and a State Farm employee that comforts him – accompanied by the quote “Here to help recovery go right”. This clearly portrays the insurer’s message: we offer you protection. This is appreciated by the customer: “With all the disasters lately, I like the picture and the saying they have on their opening page. It had two people standing and hugging where their house used to be after a fire. It said, ‘let us help you recover’. It is good to know that a company can relate to that kind of pain and suffering”.

The insurer takes this even further by using the quote “protect their future”. In the image below two parents-to-be are anticipating the future: a future in which their baby will need a bed and a stroller. Insurance has a double meaning in this case: the child will be insured by you and thereby protected by you.

State Farm points out the obvious

Insurers typically resemble each other at first sight. State Farm recognizes and emphasizes this while immediately providing extra reasons to take out insurance with them: “Insurance companies probably all look alike. But there is a reason why so many people insure their vehicles through State Farm. Actually, there are several.” Regarding car insurance, the insurer adds:

Visitors get the feeling they have landed on the right webpage

The combination of an image with a person in a car, the mention of the words ‘car insurance’, and the clear focus of the content on car insurance – all contribute to the feeling that the customer has found the right webpage. State Farm emphasizes this by using the phrase: “Shopping for car insurance? You’ve come to the right place!” – after which they go on to explain why State Farm is the ‘right place’ by using the quote: “Great insurance, great value”.

Be compassionate and acknowledge emotional needs of website visitors

State Farm’s best practice teaches us the following lessons:

  • Add additional elements to strengthen the brand’s reputation. Add ‘Social Proof’, for example, or add images that reflect what it means to the customer to obtain your brand’s product or service.
  • Clearly explain to the visitor why they should choose your brand.
  • Acknowledge the visitor’s emotional needs in order to convince them that they have come to the right place for a particular product or service.

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