Twelvefold winner ANWB: website provides a sense of positivity, strong brand contributes to this

Last year, ANWB won in multiple studies in the insurance, travel, and automotive industries. In the most recent car insurance study, it’s once again ANWB that takes the lead – for the twelfth time. Leading elements are the trust and sympathy the provider generates. Below: how ANWB sticks to this golden formula.

Header: personal and positive

Where last year, a father and daughter were seen smiling at the website visitor, this time it’s a mother with two children. This sets the tone: the visitor’s attention is drawn to the page-wide header, and a smiling face instantly provokes a positive feeling. This is also mentioned by consumers: “Friendly, which makes it inviting to keep looking”, and “Exudes optimism, nothing can go wrong and all your problems will be solved.” Website visitors feel seen, and are interested in continuing their orientation.

Image 1: shows the desired outcome of having car insurance

ANWB is a strong brand, and keeps supporting its brand

In the Digital Excellence Monitor 2018, it’s already been said: overperforming on customer expectation breeds sympathy. Becoming a household name in multiple markets is something ANWB’s achieved by catering to customers’ feelings. The rating from other customers also helps ensure consumers continue on the website with peace of mind – to the USPs, for instance: the 27/4 ANWB roadside assistance, free replacement car, and the Safe Driving Car Insurance, which are all briefly highlighted. If desired, consumers can click the header to receive more information.

The ANWB website wants to help you

The website’s design makes you feel like it wants to help you, which is pleasant for the consumer (“ANWB website makes one feel good thanks to design and photos”). For example, above the text ‘free replacement car’, visitors can also see a man with two children being assisted by a man in an orange overall. ANWB wants to help you – something which is also highlighted in website elements. A sticky chat asks the website visitor ‘can we help you?’. This helps keep the threshold to contact the organization very low. For consumers who prefer calling, there’s a phone number clearly positioned at the top right of the website in a large, bold font.

Chatbox on ANWB-page: Can we help you?

Additional discounts for safe drivers

The website’s offer is attractive as well. ANWB offers a 15% additional discount (communicated through a large yellow button) and if you drive safely, another 30% extra (“I think that safe driving insurance policy is a godsend. Amazing!”).

The ANWB website tells 1 story

On all three elements of Look & Feel, Offer, and Brand, ANWB has a strong position in the car insurance industry. All elements support each other: the look of the site is sympathetic, the offer is attractive, and the brand is perceived as reliable thanks to its USPs, chat option, and photos of people smiling and continuing their journey on the road.

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