CZ has customers’ trust in large-scale study on health insurance

One of the parts of the Digital Sales Scan is the theme of Brand – as is the case in the health insurance study conducted in November 2018. The study looks at brand experience, and some of the questions in this theme concern the degree to which consumers trust a brand. In the First Impression on smartphone, CZ.nl scores high in terms of trust, quality, and service expectation on the website. This is why CZ.nl has consumers’ trust.

The health insurer shows service is more than being accessible

The service CZ offers is more than just clearly showing contact information and providing general information. It thinks about its separate target audiences, both young and old. CZ.nl, for instance, offers the option of printing information about its separate policies so you can read through it at a leisurely pace and then compare. For visitors looking for a little more elaborate information, a PDF with explanations is very convenient as well.

The website shows Social Proof and USPs

CZ.nl cleverly uses the website to breed trust in its consumers. Among the website texts, consumers may find:

  • Social proof: the health insurance gets a 4-star rating from a total of 4,000+ reviews.
  • The 3 USPs are listed near the reviews. The website states that its app is one of the best (and fast), that the insurer is always there for its consumers, and offers quick insight into health care costs.
  • CZ can always be reached. During First Impression on smartphone, the website clearly shows the different contact options.
CZ is easy to reach: via email or WhatsApp. The insurer offers a wide variety of contact options.
Step by step: the insurer takes customers by the hand

Additionally, the health insurer has had a good reputation for years, something reaffirmed on the website. As one website visitor says: “It’s a leading organization that has been around for years and has built a good reputation.”

CZ.nl is good at managing consumers’ expectations

Aside from the regular website, CZ.nl also has a campaign landing page that can be found through Google, and focus specifically on health insurance policies for 2019. Apart from the elaborate service options – consumers can contact the company by phone, email, app, or social media – the following elements contribute to a feeling of trust in consumers:

There’s a step-by-step plan that indicates how the application process goes. With this, the website shows it’s focused on making things easier (for its customers).
In the First Impression, consumers are offered some additional assistance in a video. In the video, a talk show-like setup provides the visitor with more information about additional coverage.
Why consumers should choose CZ is clearly stated below the ‘calculate your premium’ box:

  • Young, old, sick, or healthy: everyone is welcome at CZ;
  • Full coverage with our contracted health care providers;
  • Free personal advice from our health advisers.
  • Trust in CZ.nl through service, social proof, and managing expectations

Offering certainty through means of a (mobile) website is something the insurer does in several ways: by providing service through contact options, videos that explain different health insurance elements, and the option of saving the information of any given policy package as a PDF. In the First Impression, this is reaffirmed once more by providing social proof, repeating the USPs, and clearly stating the steps of the application process at the beginning of the process.

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