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Decipher customer behavior, outpace competitors and maximize your impact. Online success starts with a clear understanding of the market.


Top brands trust WUA:

Without a view of the market you lose the match

Your competition is just a mouse click away. So what do your visitors really care about? What is your competition not doing well? What can you improve to increase conversion? Only when you see the entire playing field can you as a team determine the winning strategy and offer the very best experience.


Track your market

400 potential customers explore your online market every quarter. We measure all KPIs, trends and developments and translate them into insights and action points. This way you stay ahead of your competition.


Dive into the details

200 potential customers compare your website with that of 3 competitors. We map out their entire customer journey in detail so that the why behind the market image becomes clear. This is how you make the improvements that will take your position.


The e-commerce game is won with real insights

Don't just look at the performance of your own site. Get to know your competitors better than they know themselves. This is how CX benchmarking works.

Customer Experience Benchmarking at WUA

Whitepaper: Winning Tactics from Market Leaders in Retail

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“Each half-year, WUA delivers an overview of the best practices in the market. Based on WUA’s reports, we get a good feeling of where we stand compared to our competitors. This gives me a good base to have a dialogue with my commercial team and my IT team to see what our ambition should be, what we want to improve, and where to focus on.”

Art Beuting Tribe Lead Insurance Journeys at VGZ
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"Looking at our website and business model with a fresh look helped us improve. After modifying the website, we sent twice as many leads to our dealers. On top of that we sent 80+ direct applications to the lease company in the first 2 weeks. A few weeks later we learned that the number of signed lease contracts had tripled. These are amazing results."

Peter van Dartel Conversion and Retail Innovation Manager at Nimag B.V.
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“WUA’s insights are integral when planning our roadmap for the year. It helps determine what the priorities are in terms of improvement, strategy, and direction on where we’re going. This applies to teams across the organization, from Marketing and Sales to Design & UX. It helps us align on common goals for the future, and plan our approach accordingly.”

Pieter Louter CEO at Onlia Canada
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“This research is a breeding ground for more successful a/b tests and hypotheses”

Maarten van der Gugten Online Sales Manager at T-Mobile Home, Netherlands
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"WUA provides immediate insight into your brand's market position and offers practical tools to strengthen that position. With WUA we are able to structurally monitor our performance and improvements in the long term."

Bas Bosman Marketing Manager Sustainable Living - Rabobank

"At ICS Cards we wanted to gain insight into our market position and how potential customers experience ICS. WUA experts quickly shared the research results, including concrete suggestions for improvement."

Hiske Teerling Digital Marketeer - International Card Services

"We combined internal funnel figures with WUA's qualitative insights and recommendations. This enabled our local teams to immediately plan next-actions that resulted in happier customers and an increase in conversion."

Philippe Noorderhaven Head of Pricing at ING Italy

Go beyond analytics. Way beyond.

You already know your conversion rate – and all the rest. Now you can understand the story behind customer behavior with detailed qualitative feedback. 

Zoom-in to the single-customer level – and find out what works, what doesn’t, and why they choose a competitor over you.

Use in-depth and detailed qualitative feedback to help you provide thrilling website experiences for your customers, and turn a streamlined CX into killer sales.


Grow faster than the market

  • Gain a profound understanding of the key investments driving significant growth in your online sales.
  • Attain a comprehensive overview of the dynamic digital landscape, enabling early detection of potential threats.
  • Assess customer conversion rates with precision and measure your performance against competitors effectively.
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