How our Health Insurance Service Benchmark Study with 6.400 customers helps you boost digital service

Question: how do you improve your digital service quality, NPS and CES? Answer: ask real customers what they think of your digital service environment (desktop, smartphone and app) by unleashing their feedback on your most important digital service tasks. How do you make the biggest impact? By comparing how YOUR customers experience their service customer journeys compared to your direct competition. Learn from them, iterate, test, improve!

Table 1: The 8 service tasks included in the study, the Digital Service Score for the 4 health insurance companies and the Digital Service score per task.

Customer Experience feedback from 6.400 real customers

In July and August 2020 we asked up to 6.400 customers of Dutch health insurers CZ, VGZ, Menzis and Zilveren Kruis to perform 8 service tasks on their provider’s online service environment (smartphone, desktop and app). Based on the service experiences when performing these tasks, WUA gained insight into which health insurer performs best in online service. We’ve come up with the most important points for improvement for each of the insurers surveyed.

The goal of this Health Insurance Service Benchmark study is to achieve the ultimate service experience – for optimal control over service KPI’s, customer satisfaction and loyalty. In this article we will take you through a preview of the results and discuss the approach and design of this extensive service benchmark study.

Preview results: Health Insurance Service Benchmark Study – Scores

The four health insurance companies have been benchmarked on 8 different service tasks. The overall Digital Service scores per provider vary slightly (CZ leads with an overall score of 78), as you can see in Table 2 below in which the Digital Service Score per provider per task is shown.

Preview results: Health Insurance Service Benchmark Study – CES

For all 4 Dutch health insurance companies, we’ve calculated the average customer effort score (CES) on the 8 service tasks we studied. We generated a “before”, and an “after” CES-score. We’ve asked the respondents in advance how much effort they expect the task to be, and we asked them in retrospect: how much effort did it really take?

Table 2: For all 4 Dutch health insurance companies, we’ve calculated the average CES on the 8 service tasks. We generated a “before”, and an “after” CES-score.
  • Claim expenses
  • Find a (contracted) physiotherapist
  • Check current insurance policy
  • Insight into healthcare consumption
  • Change bank account
  • Reimbursement oral healthcare
  • Add an insured person
  • Reimbursement physiotherapy

How we do it: The Digital Service Journey set-up

Actual customers of CZ, Menzis, VGZ and ZilverenKruis perform a service task online via desktop, smartphone or app.
Each task is evaluated by 100 customers, and the questionnaire is based on WUA’s Digital Service Benchmark.
This validated model gives you the means to structurally test and improve your digital customer experience.
We’ll indicate progress on existing (digital) service KPI’s such as CES, NPS, customer loyalty and channel preference

Table 3: How we do it: real customers complete 8 real service tasks and assess their digital service experience both qualitative (the “why” behind their service experience) and quantitative (scores).

How we do it: The Digital Service Model

The Digital Service Model consists of three layers: functional, rational, and emotional. Based on these themes we assign a Digital Service Score to the service performance on different tasks. In the results of the study we’ve also added sub-scores for Channel Preference, NPS, and CES.

This element focuses on the technological functioning of the website, and the accessibility of information

The questions in this element are divided into navigation, information, and facilitating

This theme element is divided into the appreciation for the provider and the feeling customers have during the process of solving a service question

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