CX Lessons from ANWB, The North Face, Coolblue, Centraal Beheer and Robeco


What online CX-lessons can you learn from companies like The North Face, Coolblue, ANWB, and Robeco? How do they manage to “guide” their visitors, preventing choice-overload with smart navigation tactics, and show off expertise to convert new customers?

You’ll find out in this whitepaper, in which we’ve selected the best insights articles from our research team over the past year.

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Four lessons from ANWB about the power of images

It’s harder than ever to grab people’s attention. Our brain is con- stantly on the lookout for new triggers to satisfy our drive for mental stimulation. As a result, web designers have to try harder and harder to direct the visitor’s eyes in the right direction.


Show your expertise

The online world offers consumers an endless array of products and services from an even higher number of providers. How can you as a provider make a positive impression, despite the flood of information that consumers are confronted with? Why not learn some lessons from a famous psychological experiment?


How The North Face creates trust

Whenever visitors land on a website that sells products or services, two factors above all influence their decision to stay or to leave a page: brand affinity and their level of trust in the brand behind the website. So, how can you make sure your visitors have an affinity for your brand? And how can you create trust? This article shows how outdoor– clothing brand The North Face creates trust in three steps


Navigation lessons

Dutch retailers Coolblue and give consumers access to thousands of products in just a few clicks. With countless pro- ducts to choose from, making a purchase decision is more complex than ever. The more choices on offer, the harder it is for shoppers to make up their minds. This is known as “choice over- load.” The fear of making the wrong choice is overwhelming and in some case, people avoid making a choice at all.


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